What We Are Made Of: Our 5 Core Values


“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” 

Simon Sinek

At the core of every successful business is a singular purpose; the driving force behind everything you do. Without identifying that purpose, or “why,” a company is devoid of its foundation. And as a result, it will never achieve its full potential.

As a member of the Rosewood Family of Companies, Cruxos was built with a clear and concise endgame—to multiply our blessings. This means measuring success by the level of philanthropic contributions our company can share each year, whether it’s in the form of scholarships, tuition assistance, or charitable donations.

So, how do we achieve our “why”? 

At Cruxos, we infuse our core values in every aspect of our business in order to fulfill our purpose. Think of it this way… The company as a whole is our vehicle for success, but it’s our values sitting behind the wheel steering us toward the promised land, toward our “why.” So, by living and breathing these values on a daily basis, we pave the way to multiply our blessings.

Now that you’ve received this impromptu business lesson, let’s dive into each of our core values to gain a better understanding. Watch the video below to get started!